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Edward Cooper was born in Bridgeport ct. and was raised in providence R.I where he resides until this day. Ed has a beautiful wife of 30 years Lydia (Angel) Cooper the love of his life, they have three wonderful children EJ, Angie, Anelle Cooper.
He has over 28 years  of experience in Law enforcement as well as military experience.

Ed was the recent recipient of several awards in 2015 and 2016. Including the Medal Of Valor which is the highest award you can receive for bravery from the Rhode Island Division of Sheriffs.

His actions helped saved the lives of two women, and captured the assailant who committed the crime. 

when he’s not being a superhero Ed wears many hats such as being a Co-Manager for a local Gospel group he also manages security for a local theater company. he enjoys family time, listing to music from the ’70s and ’80s. Because it’s easy to understand. But he tries his best to be the best cook in Rhode Island. Currently, he is working along with his wife on two books. One is this book you have in your hands, The Cooper Chronicles Love is worth the Work! This book has been written to help those who are married or looking to start a relationship, they also believe in love for your community Family and self Love. The other book is in the development stages.      
The Cooper Chronicles has a motto which is a testament to the production of this book, that Motto is Love is worth the Work!

Angel Cooper

I was born, Lydia “Angel” Cooper. was born and raised in the City of Providence, Rhode Island. She is a graduate of College Unbound, receiving her Associate Degree in Arts and B.A. Degree with a focus in Organizational Leadership.She has over 25 years of experience working in the corporate sector of government. She's a Board member in good standing with TAPA ( Trinity School of the Performing Arts) for several years.

Angel just released her copy or latest book I am Favored Focused Inc Fierce where you can purchase it on Amazon along with a journal.
Angel has a witty and fun loving personality. She has been married for over 30 years to Retired Deputy Sheriff Edward Cooper.

They have three AWESOME children, Edward, Angela and Anelle Cooper.

Having recently retired from the Providence School Department, Angel has been able to focus more time and energy on several projects in collaboration with her husband. She is an accomplished actress and vocal trainer as well as singer with her sisters in a gospel group called Refined 313.

One of Angel’s greatest inspirations was her mother & father who were married for more than 40 years. She has applied the knowledge and wisdom passed down to her from her parents and has been blessed to share with others. Also Angel has a heart for people, especially children and supports programs that educate our children. When she is not making others smile through her singing she can be found writing songs and chasing her husband around the house playing tag.

Angel has a cherished a saying that her father the Late Bishop Roosevelt Campbell has spoken many times.Its 10% of what happens to you, and 90% of how you respond.
Your community is worth the work
Your worth the work
Your family is worth the Work most of all
Love is Worth The Work


Certified Relationship
Coaches and Speakers

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Certified Relationship Coaches and Speakers


The Cooper Chronicles

Ed and Angel Cooper have a heart for relationships. They want to see married couples communicating, working together and growing in their love for one another.

They want single people to understand that life is still great regardless of their single status. In addition to understanding that singleness is a time for preparation and personal self growth and love.

Also, everyone should work together to build the community around them. Supporting and encouraging one another to be their best. Bringing their best together to the table to restore lives and provide everyone a quality life.

Ed and Angel understand that relationships take work. After being married for more than 30 years, they have put in the work and want to share their experiences with others. They can be seen weekly on The Cooper Chronicles (show) providing relationships tips.

The Cooper Chronicles is a 30 min show that began on Facebook Live and now has moved to the NOW network and YouTube.

Ed and Angel discuss a number of topics such as rekindling love, communication techniques, importance of forgiving fast, and reinventing your relationship.

The Cooper Chronicles also discusses singleness and engaging your community.

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